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Le Gaigne as the nickname that the three-star chef Frédéric Anton gives the talented Mickaël Gaignon when it works in the kitchens of the Pré Catalan. A name-tribute to a restaurant in the image of the story of the young chef at the head of this gastronomic restaurant in the 8th arrondissement. Au Gaigne, the tablecloths are out, the silverware is lustrous, the flowers dress the tables, the pastel colors tint the places and soothe the eye, here we are seated in a setting that is written "calm, luxury and pleasure" . In a 5-course tasting menu playing food and wine pairings, Chef Gaignon reveals his love for the gastronomic classicism of our terroirs. The flight to the wind takes off with a brilliant land-sea wedding, langoustines and sweetbreads, then seeds of Paradise and button mushrooms. The skate in croquette navigates in the aigus with mustard and capers then in full vegan with kale and sweet potato. The guinea fowl served in two services as formerly reveals its thigh in a raviole plunging in a consume with Thai perfumes and its supreme stuffed with ginger. With each great product or great French technique, the chef adds his personal inspirations drawing between terrorism and exoticism. To water its beautiful works, the glass welcomes the great wine names like the elixirs of small producers.

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